Frequently Asked Questions

Special Needs Planning

1What is the purpose of a Special Needs Trust?

The primary purpose of a special needs trust is to use your trust assets to pay for items that are not provided for by SSI, Medicaid, or other similar sponsored government programs. If you had a will and left your special needs beneficiary an inheritance that would be above his/her limit to maintain government benefits then that beneficiary would be disqualified from receiving those government benefits. A special needs trust allows your beneficiary to maintain government benefits while supplementing those benefits with assets you left for them.

2What benefits can a Special Needs Trust provide if the beneficiary is receiving government benefits?

A special needs trust can add benefits to supplement those benefits already being received by government agencies which include but are not limited to: non-food groceries and sundries; attendance of religious services; educational needs and supplies; medical services not covered by government benefits; transportation (including purchase of a vehicle); prepaid funeral and burial arrangements; tickets to cultural or sporting events; membership in recreational clubs, cultural institutions; apparel, including maintenance and repair of same; pet, service animal and supplies, veterinary services; academic or recreational courses or classes; therapies not covered by benefits programs; and domestic and personal care services.